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Such is Genoa (from the Latin Ianua), a portal between land and sea. A crossroads of cultures and people since ancient times, Genoa has always been a land that lives and breathes the sea air. Its history speaks grandly of this magnificent city, displaying its richness and beauty in every corner of the old town. The narrow and characteristic carruggi snake between the tall buildings along the medieval street plan, apparently inhomogeneous yet well-defined by the main streets that meander towards both the sea and inland.

Beautiful buildings, gorgeous churches, façades decorated by stuccoes and frescoes, invaluable art collections – all bring the “Century of the Genovesi” to mind, the most important moment in the city’s cultural development.
A walk through the streets, squares and alleys of Genoa is a constant surprise. Behind every corner is a treasure waiting to be discovered.
The hinterland tells its story through this prodigious work of Man.

A sequence of varying landscapes rapidly transition from sheer cliffs to smooth hills that eventually rise toward the sky in the Apennine and Alpine ranges. A wild nature that only the determination and love of its people has managed to tame, finding the right balance between environmental conservation and the needs of the people. Terraced olive groves and vineyards break up the thick inland vegetation, with vast expanses of chestnuts bordering green valleys and fields.

An especially mild climate, an impervious terrain and the passion of the people of Genoa: these are the three key elements, ingredients for the excellent local products that distinguish this land (above all – the extra virgin olive oil). Steep and rocky, interspersed with graceful coves and bays, covered with pines, Holm oak, palm trees and agave, painted with a rainbow of flowers, caressed by a sea that absorbs its magic, dotted with picturesque villages to brighten up a landscape so gorgeous it seems unreal. A land of contrasts that are so harmoniously linked to one another, the coast of Genoa is a marvel with which few places in the world can compete.