Head of DITEN Department

Prof. Marco INVERNIZZI, Head of DITEN Department

As proud main sponsor of New Generation of Circuits and Systems Conference (NGCAS 2017), DITEN department of the University of Genova supports this remarkable meeting chance for extremely high-level researchers, coming from all over the world.

This Electrical, Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering and Naval Architecture Department, multidisciplinary in its scientific and educational activity, is highly motivated in giving the opportunity of development in Electrical Circuits and Systems topics, of general application as well as of comprehensive interest.

We still believe of capital importance to foster researchers’ interaction in a highly stimulating atmosphere, gathering experts both attending sessions and presenting their newest productions.

In my role of head of DITEN Department, I declare honor and appreciation in being partly responsible for a valuable initiative, which I hope will be recalled for its management and results.

I therefore thank Professors Maurizio Valle and Marco Storace, and obviously all the members of the involved committees as well, for the consistent role played in organizing the scheduled events and for the enthusiasm shown in leading a fascinating project into reality.