General Chair

Prof. Maurizio Valle, NGCAS 2017 General Chair

Dear colleagues and friends,

it is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 1st New Circuits And Systems (NGCAS 2017) Conference in Genova.

NGCAS stems from a brilliant intuition of Prof. Franco Maloberti (president of IEEE CAS Society) to promote a new conference dedicated to Young Professionals acting in the IEEE CAS Society field of interest. We strongly believe that YPs are, and will be, in the future, the main driving force of innovation and technology transfer from academia to industry and society, even more concretely. They will push research and laboratory innovations towards industry and society and will improve everyday life of people in a sustainable and seamless way. YPs will apply innovative technology, circuits and systems in real world problems, with the eagerness and freshness of their youth. Yps are naturally open to bridge the gap between different disciplines and to effectively promote having/using inter-discipline and cross-discipline approaches.

The conference will be an open forum for YPs for presenting their results and for networking with experts from the industry, academia and research, therefore increasing their experience in the topics that are highly relevant to their career, and bridging the gap between academia and society in the field of circuits and systems.

NGCAS has been designed for YPs to provide knowledge of state of the art, historical perspectives and future challenges of the most popular areas in circuits and systems. Attendees will have a chance to network with their peers and to stay up-to-date with the areas in circuits and systems that have relevant social impact.

We are very thankful to Prof. Maloberti for the proposal of organizing the first edition of the conference in Genova this year: this was a very challenging and exciting goal. We accepted this challenge with enthusiasm and we have done our best to achieve a successful conference.

We would like to thank the technical committees for their excellent, hard work in setting up a very high quality scientific program. We have here the opportunity to thank the Technical Program co-chairs; Elena Blockina and Marco Storace, the invited and keynote speakers, the tutorial lecturers, all of the authors worldwide who submitted their contributions, and the many reviewers, who selected the best contributions. Special thanks to Ali Ibrahim (YP himself and publication chair) who gave an invaluable contribution (also in terms of enthusiasm) to the conference organization.

Warm thanks to the CAS Society who gave us the opportunity to host the 1st edition of NGCAS in Genova.

Many thanks to Prof. Marco Invernizzi (head of the DITEN – University of Genova) for his support and to the administrative/technical staff of DITEN for the valuable help.

The conference venue will be at the fascinating Villa Giustiniani Cambiaso, designed by architect Galeazzo Alessi around 1548 and which now seats the Polytechnic School of the University of Genova. We hope you will enjoy the warm and charming atmosphere of Genoa, a crossroads of different culture and people since ancient times. Genoa has always been a land that lives and breathes the sea air. Its history speaks grandly of this magnificent city, displaying its richness and beauty in every corner of the old town.

We hope that you will enjoy 1st NGCAS Conference and that it could be a source of inspiration for your work and carrier. We sincerely hope that the conference will enrich you with new enthusiasm, ideas, and projects and that you will enjoy your stay in Genova.


Maurizio Valle